33 good reasons why you should buy from us

#1 Made in Germany:

You benefit from the highest quality at fair prices.

#2 Excellent Quality:

The high density guarantees extreme adaptability to your body.

#3 Funding:

Your mattress is supported as part of the De-minimis funding program.

#4 Buy risk-free:

You can test our mattress for 30 days.

#5 Investment:

You work 220 working days x 8 hours of sleep per night = 1,760 hours of sleep
You drive your truck for Ø 5 years = 8,800 hours of sleep, so your mattress only costs €0.08 per hour.

#6 Top price/performance ratio:

You will receive our products that are worth their price. From the Comfort version to Premium Quality.

#7 From practice for practice:

Our origins lie in the freight forwarding industry, we recognized the serious problem and developed the TruckRelax mattress.

#8 Tested quality:

Cover and MDI cold foam are OEKO-TEX Standard 100 and LGA certified.

#9 Climate band:

It ensures high air circulation inside your mattress.

#10 Perfect handling:

The integrated handles allow you to handle the mattress optimally.

#11 We live TruckRelax:

You can be sure that we are 100% passionate about our mattresses.

#12 Communicate directly and personally:

You have direct contact with us. Personal, direct and close!

#13 Sustainability:

Your old mattress will be recycled and put back into the cycle.

#14 Clean & Fresh:

You can wash our cover at 40° without any concerns.

#15 Delivery time:

Your individual mattress will arrive within 10 working days.

#16 Guarantee:

We offer you a 5-year warranty.

#17 Unique:

We have developed a unique mattress that is 100% adapted to your needs.

#18 Trust:

You sleep with a reliable partner – we keep our promise.

#19 Innovation:

We are constantly developing your mattress to always use the best components.

#20 References:

Your colleagues are more than impressed with our mattress – you can find the testimonials at www.truckrelax.de.

#21 Practical knowledge instead of learned knowledge:

There are enough theorists. You'll look for that in vain with us. Thanks to our many years of experience, we can give you the best advice.

#22 Win-win situation:

You are overjoyed and well rested - we are happy to be able to take your sleep to a new level.

#23 Pictures say more than 100 words:

We have compared the mattresses for you to illustrate what we are talking about.

#24 Motivation:

It drives us to give you the opportunity to improve your sleep quality while keeping health in mind.

#25 Flexibility:

If you have any special requests or suggestions, we will address them individually.

#26 Diversity:

Your truck is sure to be included in our large product range.

#27 Clear Vision:

We want to make your sleep healthier to achieve maximum recovery for you.

#28 Health:

With our mattress you can take preventative measures against back pain and lack of sleep.

#29 Industry experience:

We know your industry and are in daily contact with your colleagues.

#30 Because you decide the path:

You can reach us in a variety of ways - by email, letter or telephone.

#31 Service around the clock:

You can shop with us 24/7 through our online shop.

#32 Convenient order placement:

Simply order via our email address or directly in the shop.

#33 After-sales service:

Even after you purchase your mattress, we are there to answer your questions.